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UCI Libraries

UCI Libraries Strategic Plan and Resource Requirements

As part of the campus planning process, the UCI Libraries have prepared a summary of our strategic plan and our predicted resource requirements.  The UCI Libraries Strategic Plan 2005–2014 articulates the Libraries' vision, mission, and values and presents goals and objectives for the level of service that we will provide in support of a distinguished research university growing to 32,000 students.  The UCI Libraries Projected Resource Requirements through 2015–2016 presents the resources needed to meet these goals and to fulfill our assessment of the demands of new programs and campus growth. 

UCI Libraries Strategic Plan 2005–2014


The UCI Libraries have conducted extensive planning over the years, both for new initiatives and to improve existing programs, including collections, services, computing, budgets, staffing, and space. The UCI Libraries Strategic Plan 2005–2014 has been developed within the context of the campus plan and priorities, focusing on services to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community, and covering the same time period, up to 2014.

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

The UCI Libraries provide vital leadership in UCI's quest for increasing distinction as a premier research university.  As the intellectual crossroads of the campus, the Libraries are essential to its academic life, and inspire members of UCI's diverse community to discover, create, and share knowledge.


  • The Libraries proactively assist UCI's students, faculty, and staff in fulfilling the education, scholarship, patient care, and research goals of the University.
  • We provide superior user–focused services, accurate and unbiased assistance, and easy–to–use access to outstanding research collections.
  • We deliver our services in physical spaces and online environments that are conducive to study, learning, and discovery.
  • We preserve our collections to ensure their availability for use and their survival as valuable cultural assets.
  • As a major information resource for UCI and its local community, we contribute to creating and sustaining a well–informed and educated society.
  • We enable our staff to excel and innovate in support of our mission.


  • We value our users, and we demonstrate this by our responsiveness to user needs through continuous improvement, strong teamwork, and open communication.
  • We value our talented, informed, and diverse staff for their excellent contributions to the development and delivery of innovative services, programs, and collections of outstanding quality.
  • We subscribe to campus–wide statements of values and principles of community and strive to uphold, incorporate, and exemplify these values in all our actions.

Goals & Objectives

User–Focused Services

As leaders and partners in the educational mission of the University, we provide user–focused services that facilitate access to the information resources critical to learning, teaching, and research.  In collaboration with educators on campus, we provide leadership in developing information literacy and outreach programs to foster lifelong learning skills.

  • Increase campus awareness of the information services provided by the Libraries through effective marketing strategies.
  • Develop a culture of assessment in which user feedback is continually solicited and applied to the ongoing development and enhancement of library services.
  • Apply the highest quality standards of customer service so that all interactions with users are professional, respectful, and rewarding.
  • Promote and develop the Libraries as centers for independent and collaborative learning, research, and creativity.
  • Provide easy access to online resources and physical collections through thoughtfully organized online tools and library spaces.
  • Enhance users' access to global scholarship through resource sharing and collaboration with other libraries and organizations at the local, state, regional, national, and international levels.
  • Expand the Libraries' education and outreach efforts and collaborate with faculty to make information literacy instruction an integral part of all campus academic programs.

Research Resources

We develop, deliver, and preserve the Libraries' collection of significant and diverse research resources in all formats, whether owned, shared, or accessed, that further the University's goals.  The Libraries' staff are valuable research resources due to their expertise, knowledge, and skills.

  • Select and provide effective access to research resources and global scholarship that support existing and emerging educational and research interests of UCI's academic programs and centers.
  • Ensure long–term access to research resources of all types, such as print, online, multimedia, data sources, images, maps, and microforms.
  • Collaborate with other institutions within the UC system to create shared collections (both print and online) that minimize duplication of effort, preserve materials, and ensure that the greatest possible number of scholarly resources is accessible to our users.
  • Manage digital resources so that they are easily accessible to users, with a focus on simplification and integration of user interfaces.
  • Adopt or develop discovery and authoring tools that will enable users to access, share, and transform content that results in new scholarly output.
  • Develop projects that explore the UCI Libraries' role in the creation, enhancement, publication, or distribution of new research content. Continue partnerships with faculty, students, staff, and colleagues within the UC system (UC campuses and California Digital Library) and beyond.
  • Continue to take a leadership role in campus, system–wide and national initiatives to support and improve scholarly communication for the benefit of the academy and society.

Library as Place

We expand, maintain, and promote the Libraries' facilities as the intellectual crossroads of UCI's learning and discovery environment.  We provide an atmosphere that fosters the University's goals.

  • Expand and renovate existing library space to meet the needs of 32,000 students by 2014 and to maximize use of space for learning, teaching, expanding and preserving collections, and hosting events.
  • Create a welcoming, safe, and secure learning environment that improves accessibility to collections and services for all users.
  • Provide flexible space and comfortable furnishings that offer a variety of learning and study environments, both quiet and active, to support the needs of users.
  • Host events, both cultural and scholarly, that draw new users and feature the Library as an intellectual and social center of the campus.

Information Technology (IT)

We provide information technology infrastructure and services that proactively support the robust and secure delivery of the Libraries' resources and services to our users and seamlessly connect UCI to global scholarship. We promote the exploration of new and emerging technologies that benefit users and staff.

  • Coordinate short– and long–term planning of information technology and communication to ensure uninterrupted operation of our information technology infrastructure and services.
  • Update all hardware and software in a timely manner in keeping with changing needs, expectations, and standards.
  • Develop and maintain a robust, secure, scalable, and fault–tolerant infrastructure for applications, databases, and storage servers.
  • Collaborate with Campus IT to provide a robust wired and wireless network; user–friendly, secure authentication mechanisms; and tools for users to create, use, and experiment with digital learning resources and new scholarship.
  • Develop infrastructure, tools, and services to support the Libraries' local digital initiatives. Collaborate within UC to develop and share digital infrastructure, tools and services.
  • Provide an information technology infrastructure that enables the efficient management of internal operations throughout the Libraries and that continues to emphasize superior customer service.

Organizational Resources

We cultivate a dynamic environment that attracts, retains, and values highly competent and creative employees. We foster collaboration and consultation throughout the organization.

  • Hire and retain a well qualified, talented, diverse and resilient staff, compensated competitively for their skills and knowledge.
  • Support and motivate staff by providing a positive and productive workplace where they feel empowered to provide excellent professional service to support the goals of the University and the Libraries, and where they are recognized for their achievements.
  • Provide enriched training and professional development opportunities for all staff to enable them to provide excellent service.
  • Practice, promote, and reward effective work performance, communication and civility throughout the Libraries.
  • Assess workloads and workplace conditions continually in order to determine the allocation of staff resources required to fulfill the Libraries' goals. 
  • Enhance productivity and quality of work life by providing staff with ergonomic furnishings, state–of–the–art technology, and appropriate functional space.

Financial Resources

We manage financial resources to support the attainment of the Libraries' goals.

  • Develop appropriate financial plans.
  • Appropriate and reallocate existing resources as needed.
  • Identify new sources of funding from both internal and external sources.
  • Provide accurate and meaningful financial information that allows us to assess, improve, and cost–effectively manage our funding.

UCI Libraries Projected Resource Requirements through 2015–2016

The UCI Libraries Projected Resource Requirements through 2015–2016 presents the resources needed to meet the above goals and to fulfill our assessment of the demands of new programs and campus growth.  The quality of the Libraries will play an important role in attracting and retaining outstanding faculty and students, and substantial investment will be needed to ensure that library services and resources are in place to support their success.  

These projections are conservative and represent our assessment of what is needed to provide a quality library that can sustain UC Irvine's academic goals.  Benchmark comparisons to other leading universities substantiate these assessments. 

Structure, Staffing, and Services

Currently, UCI Libraries consist of four divisions with the following librarian and staff FTE:

  • Divisions:
    • Collections: 18
    • Public Services: 87
    • Technical Services: 70
    • Administrative Services: 20
  • Library administration: 8
  • Total librarian and support staff FTE: 203
  • The Libraries employ approximately 240 students for 70 FTEs.

In the future, increased investment in the Libraries will be necessary to hire the expert staff and build the collections that will be required to support the growing number of students and faculty, and the development of new academic programs.  We will actively engage with the campus to plan for the development of library services and resources to support new academic programs and evolving needs, and we will continue to recruit high quality professionals with the skills to support the changing needs of the university. 

  • New academic programs that are not closely related to existing programs will require substantial resources beyond proportionate growth to build adequate collections, services and staffing levels.
  • By 2015/16, we estimate that we will need approximately 142 additional librarian and staff FTE to meet the demands of the expanded faculty and staff population.  This will require the addition of approximately 14–15 librarian and staff FTE per year.

Facilities and Information Technology

The increase in student population, as well as student research and study requirements, will place substantial strain on our facilities and services.

  • Student study habits will require renovation of existing library facilities, including increased need for group study and demand for reconfigurable space.
  • Increases in student enrollment will require substantial expansion of the number of seats available for study.  
  • Additional square footage must be added to house the growing collections necessary to support new and expanding academic programs.
  • Substantial investments will be necessary to maintain the currency of our information technology services and to provide an appropriate number of public work stations for our students.
  • To respond to these needs, we will explore creative reconfigurations of current space and we must construct new library space as indicated in the campus plan.

Library Resources

In order to operate at the level required to support a research university of the size and quality anticipated by the campus strategic plan, we will need significant increases in funding beyond proportionate growth.

  • Overall, funding for the library will need to increase by an average of 12% for each of the next ten years to adequately support the growing campus.  This includes an estimated need for annual funding increases of approximately 8–10% for collections and approximately 14% for staffing and other expenses. 
  • We will continue to request additional resources within the budget request process, as we work to secure external sources of funding, and engage in discussions with University Advancement to include library services, collections, and facilities as important objectives for campus fundraising campaigns.

June 2006

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